OmeTV is a video chat website and app using which you can talk to strangers. This website allows you to talk to any random stranger with just a click of a button. The website says that it is the best alternative to Omegle Tv. The app for OmeTv is available for android and iOS.

Day or night, it does not matter as long as you want to chat; OmeTv is there to provide you with many opportunities. Around 10 million people are registered on OmeTv. You can chat freely with these people. The platform also allows you to select and choose from millions of people.

Their sole purpose is to make people meet more and more people; they can have coffee virtually from the comfort of their home or share their feelings with them. Using this app, you will never feel alone. It gives you a chance to make new friends.

Age Limit on OmeTV – Followed or Ignored?

One of the most disturbing things about the app is that although it informs that the user needs to be 18+, but there is no verification done to validate this. It is found that the app was used by many teenagers below 18.

You don’t need an account on OmeTv; just sign in through Facebook, and you are ready to chat with a random stranger.

What Can Get You Banned?

The app comes with several restrictions. For performing the actions mentioned below, you can get banned.

  • Requesting for virtual sex or nudity.
  • Displaying objectionable images and videos.
  • Disrespectful activities like vulgarity, slurs against religion or race, depressive comments, etc.
  • Spamming is not allowed. The app prohibits you from sharing links to other websites.

Terms and Conditions

OmeTv has clearly mentioned that they can use your video anywhere. According to their terms and conditions, you can retain copyright but have no say in what and where the content of your videos will be streamed.

OmeTv is not ready to accept any liabilities on itself. It says that users are solely responsible for anything that might go wrong.

Privacy policy

The company is committed to protecting your personal information and safeguarding the rights of privacy. Privacy is a fundamental right of every human being. Violation of this right leads to many complications. To avoid any such difficulties, from day first, OmeTv developed this strict strategy.

The website takes responsibility for processing your data as long as they act as a data controller. They may need basic information such as your profile picture, name, phone number, address, and time zone when making a profile from a social media account.

The website does not intend to get any information or access to your data other than this. Even it is being done to make your experience on the website smoother.

Your personal information may be shared with the following;

  • Because it is a dating app, that is why, your personal information such as your name, your age, your gender, your location, your public images may be visible to other users.
  • The website may disclose your personal information and data with insurers. This data may also be shared with banks and professional advisors for the coverage of insurance amounts and managing costs.
  • Your transaction data will be shared with the website’s payment providers such as Google, PayPal, Interkassa, SecurionPay, Apple, and SMSBILL.

Other Problems

There are certain features in the app that are problematic. It has a spy mode, using which a third person can listen in a private chat. Spycam is a considerable risk for the privacy of any individual. As it is anonymous, it can bring out the worst in people. It can be used even for blackmailing.

Moreover, only a few dozen moderators are checking the content. They are not enough to detect whether massive traffic of 10 million is safe. It is often said that the more extensive traffic is better for dating sites. But it is also challenging to manage that traffic. Many hackers and criminals can also join the platform because of the little check and balance.

The 18+ restrictions seem to be absent from the website. Many under eighteen teens have joined the website. They all are exposed to the outer world. It can be dangerous for them as it is easy to manipulate children at this age.

Trustpilot Reviews

Many people on Trustpilot have complained that they got banned because of others’ actions. Also, to unban you, they ask for donations. This shows the shady nature of the company.

But there is always another side of the story. You can use the website to find that side yourself!

Complaint Procedure

You are not on your own!

OmeTv is a safe place for everyone. If something or someone bothers you, you can complain about them to officials. This feature is introduced to make people feel safe when using OmeTv.

You can launch a complaint against any user who you think is violating the roles of the platform. To make your complaint more effective, you can attach screenshots of the chat and other related information to make it easier for authorities to find, identify and resolve the issue.

If too many complaints are received against any user, the website will automatically ban them from using its services. It is done to ensure the safety of other users. But before taking any serious action, everything is analyzed carefully.

Use it or not?

We believe that users’ privacy should be given priority. If not, at least it should be respected!

But it seems that OmeTv is not willing to do that. It is mentioned in their privacy policy that they can share your data with third parties. Compromising your data is not an option. That is why it is better to avoid it.

Instead, you can use Strangercam. It is a better and more reliable online video chatroom. You can meet new people and chat with them. And no need to worry about your data and privacy because stangercam provides maximum security and protects your data.


There are many concerning issues regarding this website. It has been said that Google Play and the App Store should screen such apps. They shouldn’t allow apps that do not validate the age properly and are without parental control to be added on their platforms.

Improving their privacy policy may enhance their credibility. But for the time being, there are other safer options out there in the market to choose from.