Stickam was established in 2005 as a live-streaming video-sharing site. Stickam allowed users to upload photos, audio, video, and, most importantly, live stream video conferencing. The website quickly grew to incorporate live shows and created content from MTV, G4 TV, CBS Radio, NATPE, CES, and a variety of other outlets, as well as live concerts and shows by a variety of bands and celebrities.

Stickam allows individuals to incorporate their streaming camera feeds into other sites via a Flash player, in addition to broadcasting live video. The ability to “glue” a webcam broadcast onto another site was dubbed “Stickam.”

How Does Stickam Work?

The user might use Live Chat to broadcast their webcams camera stream over the internet. The user had control over who could see their live feed. There were seven camera positions in the real stream room. The biggest one was for the chat’s creator. The remaining six places were reserved for six more people to broadcast their live webcam feeds. Users could also use the live chat to communicate through a chat box identical to what one might find on a conventional chat site. People who’ve been unruly or threatening may be “kicked” or banned by the principal user. The primary user might also appoint moderators, who were trustworthy individuals who could remove users if the main user was unable to do so.

Main Features of the Website

Following are some of the top features of the Stickam platform:

Activate your account

Within minutes, anybody could “go live” on Stickam and stream video streams from their computers, iPhones, or iPad. Stickam might also be used to transmit HD and commercial broadcast streams out by connecting HD and other cams, processors, and audio inputs.

Login to social media

Stickam debuted its social login system at VidCon 2012, where the company partnered with Maker Studios to live broadcast the event. Broadcasters on Stickam can use Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google, Myspace, or Gmail to enable their friends and fans to enter their discussion forums. Broadcasters can limit the number of people in their rooms even more.

Program for VIPs

Stickam had such a VIP user program as of August 2012. Those who joined the VIP program got ad-free access, a spot on the “who’s live” tab, 25 coins from the remix market, and a Premium badge on their profile photo.

API for Streaming

In 2008, the company also offered StreamAPI (previously Stickam API), a white label solution. StreamAPI was a white label company that allowed customers to embed live streaming into their application or website without requiring any programming knowledge.


Stickam is a dependable and high-quality platform for making friends online.