This is a popular online dating site that allows you to enter any of its chat rooms without requiring any registration. You may be seeking a friend. It could be a person to share your thoughts. It can also be a partner with whom you may want to take the relationship to the next level. Using this chat portal, you can converse with your like-minded friend for hours together and share your feelings. You can use your laptop, android or iphone device to connect to this chat site. It does offer priceless chatting service something that you are sure to love using.

How to sign up with y99

There is no registration required to start your chatting session in this chat portal. Rather, you just need to visit the website or start the app and enter your chat name. It can be any nickname of your choice that you wish to have to introduce yourself to strangers out there. Once done, you can simply start your non-registered chat session. If you already have registered with this portal providing your basic information, you just need to enter your username and created password. There is also a provision to retrieve your account in case you forget the password. Hence, logging onto this portal is quite easy, quick and simple.

How to use y99

This portal allows you to create as well as have random chats, join group chats, read funny memes, etc. You can create your own chat group and invite people over who share similar thoughts and moods to join the group. Whether you are a registered or non-registered user, you can have immense fun throughout your session. You have the option to join group chats, one to one and memes. In case, you need guidance, you can always avail the tips and tutorials provided within the portal to make the right decision.

What are the pros & cons of y99

This portal is quick to enter and start the chatting session with strangers be it one to one or in group. It also allows you to create and share interesting memes with others across the globe. You can find thousands of people chatting together at any given time, thus making it quite popular. You can initiate a chat as well as end it whenever you desire. Friends are also permitted to enjoy free calls. But the only backdraw is without registration, it may not be secure. So you need to protect your privacy and not share your personal details to anyone over the chat.