Some professionals and internet enthusiasts had first launched chatzy around 2001. With time, it became a popular site in Europe and presently enjoys registered users from all over the world. People access this site for different reasons. It is not some excusive dating or hookup site. Rather, people use the free chatrooms provided by this site to perform their work or education. Some even use it for discussing interesting events, topics, make new friends or share information on similar interests. This free chat service is indeed fun and exciting as well as completely safe to be used.

How to sign up with chatzy?

You simply need to open up an account, join or create a chatroom to start your chatting session. It is this easy and quick. You can also invite your family and friends to your exclusively created chatroom or join some random chatroom of choice which interests you. You so not have to share sensitive personal details to join this site, but only basic information to start the session.

How to use chatzy?

You can create your own private chat or access already created ones to have group discussions with likeminded people. You can use this site for business, educational or simply to have to fun. You can access it from any location and enjoy its interactive sessions. In case, you are eager to derive the advanced features, then you should opt for its premium services. Otherwise, the free service is good enough to have a great online chat session.

What are the pros & cons of chatzy?

This site is quite special since it has several special features that tend to make it different from those available on the web. You can send any member private messages that will be not be visible to the room administrators. There is also the option to silence newbies entering the session uninvited. Premium rooms are said to mute newbies automatically. You can use ‘Visitor Status’ space to explain your chatroom’s purpose. For chatroom administrators and moderators, there is a preview mode. It helps create new or follow existing conversations without getting noticed. Another feature offered is ‘Global Messages’ allowing sending messages to all members directly. The only drawback is that you may be faced with advertisements in between your sessions that can be quite irritating. The premium version comes with more interest features. But you need to pay some amount to access such facilities.