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You may have recently developed an addiction to online chatting and want to know how to make friends out there. It is a simple process if you follow a few tips given below. Chat Avenue gives you the opportunity to make new friends from other countries. 

Tips to follow

  • Avoid worrying about the outcome: Doing so will help avoid getting disappointed especially if others do not respond to your friend request. Remember, things do not turn always as you had expected them to be. So be bold in your approach and try to get connected with as many people as possible. 
  • Initiate first the conversation: Why should you want for others to strike a conversation, when you can initiate it yourself?  A good conversation starts with the magic word ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’. A good number of people on Chat Avenue might want to start a chat with you. But if you are doing it for the first time, it does take some courage. You should also find out someone who shares your interest. Only then will both of you feel comfortable chatting for hours together. 
  • Stop getting concerned about what others think about you: You need to decide with whom you wish to chat. Remember, not everyone might be open as you. Hence, forget what others opinion. 
  • Tolerate rejections: Be prepared to tolerate rejections. Avoid taking it personally. You are not likely to lose anything if the other person fails to respond. Perhaps, they could be the loser. Hence, avoid getting concerned if you face rejection. 
  • Practice: Do not worry if you feel awkward or aggressive at first. You are sure to have a fabulous time on Chat Avenue if you start chatting with good intentions. Chatting freely is rather a skill you are sure to get better at with more practice. Initial conversations with strangers might appear a bit scary. However, do not worry as they will not harm you. 
  • Tackle fear: The best way to combat fear is to repeat it continuously. This should be practiced until fear is removed from your mind completely. Soon, you are likely to feel natural. Remember, do not expect fear to go away suddenly. The only way to eliminate it is by combating it. 
  • Make them laugh: You can strike an entertaining conversation filled with jokes. This will make them laugh and enjoy your company. People do prefer to talk in length with those who are joyful. Hence, have fun instead of cribbing while chatting with strangers. 

You can have a great time at Chat Avenue making new friends.


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What Does It Actually Mean?

Chat Avenue is an app where you can video-cam chat with a random stranger, either on a computer or a mobile phone. On Stranger Cam, you can pick any country of your choice, or just go with the flow and allow our app to select someone from a random country. Who knows, maybe the next person you see on the cam will be the love of your life or just another good friend that you met online.

There is no need to pay for Stranger Cam. You can enjoy unlimited numbers of cam chats for Free! Yep, no money at all. You get unlimited access to the insanely fun, random, online dating and video chatting with strangers app.

Chat Avenue Reviews

During the lockdown, this has been an insanely fun way to connect with people. I've been having tons of fun video chatting with random people.
azar app review 3
Guy Tessler
I like the fact that you can just skip to the next person on this video chat site. It gives me more freedom to actually match with people I want to match with.
azar app review 1
Marie Hill
It has been so much fun matching with random strangers and camming with them. I can meet people in the US and Canada and just stay home.
azar app review 2
Jenny Nguyen

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