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Refunds & Chargeback

Since our Website offers non-tangible, irrevocable digital products and services we usually do not provide refunds after the product or service is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product or service on the Website. Please make sure that you have carefully read the product or service description before making a purchase. If you believe that the nature of the product or service is not clear enough to you, please do not purchase it and do not hesitate to contact us before making a purchase.

Refunds will be issued only under the following circumstances:

  • You made duplicate payments in error.
  • Duplication of payment occurred due to technical reasons on our side (on Website) or on the side of the payment method provider.

If you are eligible for a refund, please email your refund request via our contact page.

Please provide the below information with your refund request:

  • Payment date, payment amount, and method of the payment.
  • Order/payment/transaction number or other data that can help us to identify your payment.
  • Reason for refund request.

Our standard turnaround time to process a refund is 30 days from the date we received your refund request.

In the case of a refund, your bank may take 3-10 business days for the credit to show on your statement. We are not responsible for this waiting period and suggest contacting your bank for further clarity.

Chargeback Policy

In the event of a chargeback, our processors will comprehensively investigate the transaction. Falsified chargebacks may add you to the blacklist with our processor, which will complicate the possibilities of future membership. Please contact our billing support if you have any further questions.

We reserve the right to place links to external websites, applications, and Internet resources on our Website. Such resources are often operated by third-party service providers. Customers of other service providers must submit claims for unsatisfactory services directly to that service provider. Customers must use the correct refund procedure. Please contact the customer services department of the relevant service provider for details of their refund procedures.

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may do so via our contact page.