It was never easy to connect and talk one-on-one physically through a live video chat with your distant relative, or friends in earlier days. Today, video chatting has eliminated that barrier and brought a thousand kilometres of distance to your home. You can now easily hold a video chat with your friends, or family in distant countries through Holla.

Easily available in more than 40 countries, Holla is considered the best video chat in 2020. You can have a live video call to any stranger from around the world. This platform consists of more than 30 million registered users from 190 different countries.


  • Best Video Software – This software is awarded as the best video software of 2020. This is because this software allows you to communicate with a random stranger through video chat, voice chat, and even text chat. All these features come at no cost. Moreover, it allows you to make friends around the world by just swiping your finger and lets you choose from thousands of options.
    Incomparable Sound and
  • Quality – Holla provides you the platform to talk with your friends, strangers, or even family members living thousands of kilometers away at ease. This is because it gives you the freedom to choose and communicate through incomparable sound and quality so that your call won’t get disrupted due to poor network or sound quality.
  • Variety of Features – Moreover, this software is available to use in any network such as 3G, 4G, or even Wi-Fi network connection. It also allows you to use free live video chat, free live voice chat, and free text chat. Holla provides its users to hold one-on-one direct live video calling feature. You only need to select the gender and the region of your preference. Safe and sound to use, you can easily meet new people all around the globe without any hassle.

Key Functionalities of Holla

By using Holla, one can expect many surprises. Meaning, when you have a video chat, or even when you chat with an unknown stranger, you will get full of surprises. Further, you are unaware that who you will meet in the next coming minute. All the talented youngsters are coming up on this platform to meet and make new friends online through real-time conversations.

The whole definition of free live video chat is awaiting you with video filters and stickers that create a stunning experience for you. Holla is free to use, you can get bonus premium features that are only available in live video chat with customized video streaming and matching.