This unique chat site allows you to connect with complete strangers and discuss with them on various interesting things. You have the option to text chat, play Tloons, draw, voice chat, video chat, play tohla Fun, Like or Unlike, etc. It is simply filled with lots of excitement something that you can discover by visiting it. Every moment spent at this site is sure to be amazing and memorable. People in thousands can be found to be logged into this portal at any point in time. This powerful platform does provide you with the opportunity to know about others and meet likeminded people.

How to sign up with tohla?

This portal does not require you to pay any registration fee to access its various exciting features. You are free to video chat with girls and boys of all ages without having to spend even a dime from your pocket. You just need to click on ‘Connect Now’ button. You will be then connected to their chat server and start immediately connecting with others. It is easy to use and quite quick unlike other portals.

How to use tohla?

This random chat portal allows you to chat with complete strangers without requiring you to disclose your real identity. It is quite simple to use and requires you to just log onto it to start the chatting session. This site does offer several interesting applications meant for everyone to use like shares, draws and hot or not, etc. You can also avail video chatting facilities to check out the other person and have live chat. This way, you can do away with your boredom and have lots of fun and entertainment.

What are the pros & cons of tohla?

This portal is completely safe to be used whenever you feel bored or seek some form of entertainment. It is very easy to connect and does not require any registration. Also you do not have to pay any kind of registration fee to access the different features offered. It comes with several interesting features and allows you to enjoy secured user engagement. Video chatting is also completely free and you can engage with boys and girls live from any part of the world. The only disadvantage is that being a free chat portal, there can be a few fake and fraudulent profiles that you need to be wary about.