Livu’s purpose is to bring a new global community together by allowing individuals to engage meaningfully across cultures, languages, and boundaries in a safe and secure environment. Livu is a real-time video chatting platform that connects individuals with only a press of a button, allowing them to have an interesting and meaningful online social interaction. LivU provides Videoconferencing, Video Pairing, and Text Chat so that our users may connect and get to understand their friends in the way that suits them best.

Communicating with the People on the Online Platform in a Convenient Manner

You can use your Android smartphone to view the various users and move from one to the next, conversing solely with those you want to converse with. You can keep chatting with someone if you have a link with them. However, if someone irritates you or you simply don’t want to communicate with them, you can swiftly go on to the next individual. You may choose if you want to talk to men only, women only, or both.

The Blurry Function – Enjoy the Interesting Feature of the Livu App

The image will appear blurry if the phone’s camera is not centered on your face, which is an unusual security feature that LivU gives by default. This function ensures that you are not forced to read potentially offensive material. LivU is a fun technology that lets you make new friends, engage in stimulating conversations, and possibly make new friends.

A Highly Safe and Secure App for the Users in This Highly Advanced Technological World

We value your safety and confidentiality and make every effort to deliver safe products and services. In addition to our regular security audits, we value the contributions of the security community as a whole, and we welcome any reports of potential security issues that are presented in an organized, collaborative, and transparent manner.

On LivU, how do you discover someone?

To begin, please log into the application, select “Search,” and hit the button. You will get the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world. On the screen, you’ll see all the other members’ nicknames, ages, and countries of residence.

In case you are liking the person, you can swipe next and find another choice. It is not compelling to settle for anybody on the platform. We respect your choice. So, we have made the entire process of filtering and discovering someone as convenient as possible.


LivU is a video chat app that allows you to have truly random video chats with many other people from all around the world.