The best video chat apps for socializing and online dating

These cross-platform programs are free and will allow you to easily connect with family, friends, coworkers, loved ones, and random strangers.

It can be difficult to keep in touch with loved ones and family members who live far away. Social distancing makes it even more difficult. You can spend quality time together via video calling apps, even if you aren’t able to be there in person. StrangerCam is a great video chat application that you can use to video chat with random strangers all over the world.

It’s incredible that so many video chat apps are available, but it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. The Good Housekeeping Institute experts can help. Our engineers not only rigorously review apps, but also our panel of testers give them a shot, making sure that we recommend the best.

These are programs we love, apps that have received rave reviews, or new features we think you will enjoy. The featured video calling apps can be used across all platforms and are free. Some have paid options to unlock additional features.

#1 Best Overall Video Chat App: is a random chat app that allows you to chat anonymously with strangers. StrangerCam provides video chat features such as face masks, gender filters, country filters, private chat, and many more. Instantly chat with random boys and girls online. Meet your next date, make new friends, share your music, chat about football, politics or just relax and talk about the latest Netflix series. It’s easy and free to chat with strangers and have fun. It’s possible to meet someone on the other end of a webcam.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: unlimited

#2 Best for iPhone Users: Facetime

Facetime is a built-in video chat application on Apple devices that most iPhone users will be familiar with. It works with iPhones, iPads and MacOS desktops. It is easy to make calls using group texts or in the middle of a call. Android users will not be able to make Facetime calls.

Works with: MacOS (desktop) and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 32

#3 Best for International: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app. Voice and video calls can be made for up to four people. Voice calls can be made via WiFi or on your phone’s data plan. They do not consume any minutes. It’s the best way to keep in touch with loved ones abroad, as it has such a wide reach.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 4

#4 Best for Android: Google Duo

Google Duo, the latest app from Google, is perfect for video calling between Android and iPhone users. Google Duo, unlike Facetime is great for friends who don’t have iPhones. You can see who is on the other side of the line before you accept the call.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 12

#5 Best for Families: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an additional application that allows you to chat and video call your Facebook friends. Video calls can only be used by 50 people, which is higher than many social networks with video chat capabilities. It’s simple to get your extended family on Facebook, even if they aren’t tech-savvy.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 50

#6 Best for Work: Skype

Skype is the best choice for professional calls. Skype allows for screen sharing and real-time translation. If you already have a Microsoft account, it’s easy to sign-up.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 50

#7 Best in App Games: Houseparty

Houseparty is unlike other video chat apps. You can join the “house”, and then others from your contact list can jump in or out. This allows you to connect with people you might not have thought to video chat. Houseparty also offers great games, like heads up, trivia, and the end of the song lyrics.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 8

#8 Best for Teenagers: Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social platform for teens that allows you to share photos and videos with a 24-hour time limit. Users can switch to video calling with up to 16 people when chatting. Snapchat offers fun filters to make your appearance more interesting.

Works with: Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 16 with video, 32 voice only

#9 Best for Gamers: Discord

Discord is a popular chat app that allows people to chat while playing video games. However, many people don’t realize it can allow video calls up to 25 people. You can easily modify the audio level of other users during a call, and you can also create multiple channels to support different groups while playing games.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop)
Max users: 25

#10 Best for Busy People: Marco Polo

Marco Polo refers to themselves as the “video walkie-talkie”, because it allows you to send short videos directly to your friends. Marco Polo saves your videos in a chat so that you can access them again in the future. It’s a wonderful way to communicate with loved ones even if you don’t have the time or place to chat.

Works with: Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 200

#11 Best Social Network: Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking app that allows you to view photos from celebrities and your friends. It has a chat function that allows you to switch to video. You can also join video calls with friends.

Works with: Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 6

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