Bitcoin Prime Review 2021


Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the world with its vision of digital values. Although the scope of cryptocurrency is increasing there is a high risk of losing your all investments in losses or scams.

The traders who are well aware of market behaviour and have access to good trading tools use this high risk as an opportunity and end up getting lots of profits. But this is not true for average traders as they don’t have access to market-leading analytics and tools. Also, without any good tool, the average traders can’t make a trade at the same speed as professional traders.

To tackle these problems former professional cryptocurrency traders came up with the idea of Bitcoin Prime. It is a cryptocurrency trading software that uses artificial intelligence to execute the trade.

Here we are going to give you a detailed and comprehensive review of Bitcoin Prime. We will try to investigate the legitimacy claims it makes, registration process, funding, and working method.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

It is an automatic trading software that analyses the market behaviour with the help of artificial intelligence and executes the trades. The trading speed of this software is 0.1 sec faster than the market.

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Who created Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is created by cryptocurrency trading experts. As they were fed up with the behaviour of trading firms, they felt the need for automatic software to help the average investors.

Previously, high-speed trading bots were only available to institutional traders. Bitcoin Prime provides the opportunity of trading to all skill level and budget traders. It provides market-level trading technology. The popularity of this software is increasing with time, Now there are also many reputable brokers providing their service on this platform.

How to start trading?

Trading with a Bitcoin Prime is very easy, there are few steps to follow:


This is the first and foremost step while trading on Bitcoin Prime. In this step, you need to create your account by filling out your personal details; your name, email, and contact number.


The second step while trading on Bitcoin Prime is to fund your account by depositing the minimum required amount through a secure payment method. The deposit reflects nearly instantly.


After funding your account you are ready to trade. It is always suggested to set your risk management limits before going to trade. Our account manager will assist you with setting this up.

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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Prime

Every trading bot has it’s Pros and Cons. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed them below:


  • Designed for all experience-level traders.
  • Functions at the high accuracy level
  • Both manual and automatic trading modes are present
  • Provide the opportunity to fully customize trading settings.
  • Mobile-friendly software.
    Withdrawals are fast and take only 24hours.
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Security SSL encryption
  • Supports four cryptocurrencies.


  • No clear information of developers
  • Supports only limited currencies
  • The risk factor is present.
  • The minimum user-friendly deposit limit is $250.
  • Broker is chosen by the software

Key features


Some users reported that they are earning $1300 by using Bitcoin Prime. This is said to be the average daily income, but this amount is most likely over-presented. It denotes the maximum potential of the software, and attaining the maximum is not easy in ordinary circumstances. The profit also varies according to the standers set by the users and the prevailing market conditions. The type of currency also affects the user’s income. It is reported that some people are making money through passive mode. This is an interesting feature of Bitcoin Prime.

Verification system:

Verification system eliminates the potential threat of scams and thus provides the users with a much safer environment for trading. In addition to that, brokers are verified before the company allows them to work on their platform thus minimizing the chances of fraud. The process of verification is very simple. Only name, phone number, and email are required to get registered through a few convenient steps. After getting verified, simply deposit your trading capital, and you are ready to go for trading in your favourite currency.

Withdrawal process:

They seem to be well aware of the customer’s needs. Customers always prefer to have convenient access to their capital. So, their team designed the software in such a way that it gives quick access to the trading capital. Customers can link their bank accounts to Bitcoin Prime and transfer their funds easily between the accounts. Transactions can be made daily and our ultra-fast system provides facilities withdrawals within 24 hours.

Costs and fees:

Bitcoin Prime is free software. It means there are no hidden charges. They do not take any commission from our customers. There is also no hidden fee to connect the customer with any broker. In addition to that, customers can withdraw their whole profit with 0% cost. If any customer wants to trade on leverage, it is recommended to fully read and comprehend the terms and conditions to understand the risks involved.

User testimonials:

Many of the customers reported that they have made huge profits using Bitcoin Prime. This created hype about this software in different trading circles. Users have shared their success stories on different online platforms and told their audiences that they are making a good fortune out of this software. These testimonials are a true asset for Bitcoin Prime.

Customer service:

The people who have used crypto trading before will be well aware of the fact that how difficult it is to handle if they accidentally meet any technical problem. To tackle this issue, Bitcoin Prime is providing a 24/7 customer help care service. The company is providing its customers with the facility of live chat and they will respond within an hour. This service is also available through email.

Affiliated brokers:

Bitcoin Prime approaches the cryptocurrency market through trustworthy brokers. During the initial launch of the software, they are referred to two different internationally authorized brokers. These brokers provide a gateway into the open market to the customers of Bitcoin Prime.

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Reasons to use Bitcoin Prime

Simple and User friendly:

Bitcoin Prime is famous due to its simple and user-friendly interface. It is designed for traders of all skill levels.

High ROI:

Bitcoin Prime has a high ROI. The hit rate of 90% causes it to stand out from other trading apps.

Faster trading speed:

Bitcoin Prime has strong artificial intelligence software which executes trades 0.1 sec faster than the market. Although it seems not too much important, but while trading cryptocurrency speed matters a lot.

No fees:

Bitcoin Prime offers its services without any costs. All profits made on Bitcoin Prime belong to users. There is no single fee charged by this software.

Industry-leading analytics:

Bitcoin Prime offers trading signals developed from six different market places, by the use of its highly effective artificial intelligence. This feature enabled beginners to trade with full confidence.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit?

If you are a trader and going to trade through this platform you must research the legitimacy of this platform, whether it is legit or a scam?
Due to the volatile nature of crypto coins, there is no such thing as risk-free trading on any trading platform. So you need to understand that Your capital is at risk no matter what platform you are using.

As for the legitimacy of Bitcoin Prime is concerned, Bitcoin Prime has established a good reputation as a legit platform among users. From the testimonials of the users, it is clear that Bitcoin Prime is easy to use automatic robot whose trading signals helped the users to make huge profits. The withdrawal process is quite simple which takes place within 24 hours. There are lots of legit companies associated with this platform. Various success stories and proof of earning make its legitimacy more clear.

Celebrities endorsement

Celebrities endorsements are considered to be the best source of advertisement. Bitcoin Prime is also affiliated with celebrities but we haven’t found any evidence nor there are any denials.

Elon Musk:

Elon Musk is the founder of PayPal Space X and Tesla. At one point he was a critic of cryptocurrency but with time, he even changed his mind. His single word “ethereum” caused this coin to be the second-biggest cryptocurrency. Recently Elon Musk company also invested in Bitcoin. Although he appears to be in favour of cryptocurrency, but there is no such evidence found that he endorsed Bitcoin Prime or any other trading app.

Gordon Ramsey:

Gordon Ramsey is also rumoured to endorse auto trading apps. He is well known for his craze of Bitcoin he once said “don’t talk to me about anything other than crypto and food, of course!” Although he is a great supporter of Bitcoin there is no such evidence found that he supported any trading app.

Richard Branson:

Richard Branson’s name comes under dubious circumstances for endorsing cryptocurrency products and software. But in an interview, he said that he has not endorsed any cryptocurrency product. Under his statements all rumours are false.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Prime FAQs

This tends to trip a lot of people up. Thinking of it like a currency makes people think that there’s an account they can set up to store their Bitcoin in, similar to a bank account. 

This isn’t too far off the mark, although the reality is a little different. Rather than accounts, Bitcoin is stored in “wallets.”

These wallets aren’t the type you carry with you in your pocket; it’s just the name given to any device or program that can store Bitcoin. 

Wallets range drastically in type. A simple USB stick or a hard drive can act as a wallet, as can your phone with the right programs installed. 

You need to remember that Bitcoin is code. It’s secure and complex code, but it’s still code. There, logic dictates that anything that can store code can store Bitcoin. 

Thus, you store Bitcoin in any device that can house code, and we call those devices wallets. There is something else you need to be aware of, though. 

Yes, Bitcoin wallets are divided into two different categories: hot and cold. 

Hot wallets are what you’re going to become accustomed to using with Bitcoin Prime and are the wallet type utilized by the majority of the Bitcoin world. 

What categorizes a wallet as hot is its connection to the internet. Hot wallets require you to always have an internet connection to use and access. The most common examples of this are the Bitcoin wallets that you can get for your phone. 

Hot wallets are simple and convenient. If you want to receive Bitcoin, you send out your wallet ID. If you want to send Bitcoin, you enter the receiver’s wallet ID. 

You can transfer money in and out of hot wallets quickly and easily, making it a great choice for day to day trading. 

However, hot wallets do come with a handful of downsides. These downsides are typically in the form of security concerns. While it’s relatively unheard of, the constant internet connection requires by hot wallets leaves them open to cyber-attacks.

Most security breaches in the crypto world go through a different avenue (which we’re going to talk about in a second), but it is still a concern for some people. 

This concern is what leads people towards cold wallets. Cold wallets are offline, meaning you can access the coins on the device without an internet connection. 

This makes transferring coins to and from the device a pain, but day to day transactions aren’t what cold wallets are designed for. 

This wallet type is popular with long term investors. These are the type of people to drop five or even six digits on Bitcoin and keep it for years. They load up a cold wallet with their coins, put it in a safety deposit box, and leave it.

This isn’t the type of trading that you’re going to be doing at Bitcoin Prime, but it can be helpful to be aware of its existence.

The security concern that we mentioned earlier actually comes in the form of online Bitcoin traders. Similar to the Forex, there are online marketplaces that facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin between its users. 

This alone is perfectly safe; however, a lot of users ended up leaving their coins on the site for the sake of convenience. The security on these sites, while good, is nothing compared to the security on wallets. 

What ends up happening is that those sites have a data breach, hackers get into the network, and everyone loses their Bitcoin. 

This has only happened a handful of times in the past, but there is a precedent for it. 

Thus, for your own sake, if you’re ever on a cryptocurrency marketplace, make sure you don’t leave your money stored on it. 

Given how tight the security on Bitcoin wallets is, it makes sense that accessing it isn’t as simple as just logging in. 

To access your coins, you need what is called a “key.” Every wallet has its own unique key, and it is generated from a long random string of letters and numbers. 

Losing these keys is the number one reason that people lose Bitcoin, so make sure you write yours down when you get it. 

If you only want to keep cold copies of the key (copies not on a digital device), then make sure you keep more than one copy. This key isn’t something you’re going to be able to commit to memory, given that it’s made up of a lot of numbers and letters of both cases. 

Like we mentioned before, Bitcoin is decentralized. There is no single governing body that represents that. While that has its benefits, it means that there’s no customer support you can call if you lose access to your wallet. 

Contacting the provider of your wallet isn’t going to be any good, either, given that they typically don’t have access themselves. 

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Bitcoin Prime Reviews

There is perhaps no better way to trade bitcoin than through the Bitcoin Prime app. This trading app is not only insanely profitable but is easy to use for all. It’s now nearly two years since I started trading with Bitcoin Prime and have already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.
azar app review 3
Guy Tessler
The Bitcoin Prime software earns you money while you sleep. I have already turned a $250 investment to over $7000 in about two weeks of trading. Even better, I am continuing with my day job as my money makes money for me. I can’t wait to grow my account size to $1 million.
azar app review 1
Marie Hill
Bitcoin Prime website has helped me resign from a dead-end job and live a life I have never dreamt about. I have been using it for six months now and have already earned over $20k in profits. I am no longer sceptical about the robot’s potential to generate a fortune for me. I am very happy!
azar app review 2
Jenny Nguyen
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